2 phones 1 SIM


Oct 3, 2005
I have Sprint and an S5. I already preordered a Note 7. Can I still use the S5 by swapping the SIM out? I plan to use the Note7 for all my normal activities, but use the S5 for runs and bike rides. It would suck to drop my new Note when my S5 can be cannon fodder.

Deleted member 245375

You should be able to move the SIM card to the Note 7 when it arrives without issues, but if your intention is to do continual swapping then you're going to create additional wear on the SIM card itself so it could promote early failure of it. Not like you can't get another one if it does actually die but I'd say just get a nice case for the Note 7 like an armband or something secure and stick with it for the outdoor uses.


Aug 12, 2004
Also, isn't the S5 micro SIM? The Note 7 us nano SIM, so you would need to use an adapter in your S5.

It should work, but I agree with the poster above that I wouldn't want to be swapping the sim on a regular basis, you may start having trouble with the SIM slot on the phone, or the water protection on the Note 7 *I assume there is a rubber gasket on the SIM tray), the S5 has a rubber gasket on the back cover that may be less effective with frequent removal too.