2-pane File Explorer replacement that doesn't sacrifice functionality


Limp Gawd
Jun 8, 2012
I mean that generally, but the specific feature I was testing for was the address bar. You know, This PC> System (C:)>your>directory>here>blablabla. It's actually kind of hot shit in File Explorer. At least, compared to every...single...supposed...Explorer...replacement...I...tried. I tried like a dozen, all the free ones I could find, and none of them kept the functionality of the File Explorer address bar. In FE, you can click on any "folder" in the address bar (e.g., "directory" in the previous example) and FE will take you there. You can drag files to any "folder" in the address and FE will copy or move them there. Those are both functions I use constantly and I expect them to be present in any FE replacement, but they were present in none of the ones I tried.

All I really want is FE with two panes, i.e., two directory trees so I can quickly set up two directories when I'm sorting a lot of files.

Any suggestions? I already have QTTabBar and it works great, but unfortunately it lacks the second directory tree.


Supreme [H]ardness
Jun 7, 2007
KDE? Iirc, dolphin has a multi-pane layout...just good luck finding it. Not sure about drag/drop and directory selection in the bar, though.