2.5Gbit/s Rosewill (RTL8125) NIC $19.99 @ Amazon after coupon, dual port $40 (no coupon needed)


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Mar 31, 2001
One of the best prices I've seen for an RTL8125 based NIC.

These will do 1Gbit/s as well as 2.5Gbit/s with the proper switch, or should also work in crossover cable in theory. I'm a fan of these as they only require a pci-e x1 slot vs x4 for the 5Gbit/s & 10Gbit/s NIC. Real world throughput I've seen is about 280MB/s vs 110MB/s on 1Gbit/s connection.


There is also a dual-port version for $40


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May 14, 2008
Yeah but for years Newegg had horrible customer service and return policies. I don't know if that has changed recently.
I cant say i had a ton of issues with newegg service but shipping taking 3-5 days for me unless i pay for higher shipping and i have to pay taxes anyway so why not get it faster from my amazon or best buy more, I used never would order from bestbuy but they price match amazon and newegg and i have it at my door in 1-2 days free shipping for same price or a 30min drive and pick it up same day.