1st time builder questions + advice needed.


Mar 1, 2010
Hi, I am building my first atom based system and have a couple of questions.

I want to use this as a desktop system. I will add one 2.5 laptop drive and have maybe a few usb peripherals attached.

I am planning on using this mobo + cpu combo from newegg:
Mobo + cpu combo

I settled on this board because it has the D525 Atom which is dual core and I believe the most powerful atom currently. Also, it uses ddr2 memory (I have extra).

So for my questions:

1) What type of power supply will I need? LIke I mentioned I want to add 1 drive and a few usb powered devices and hook it up to a monitor.

Would this power supply work and give me enough juice?:
Power Supply

2) Can I use my ddr2 667 dimms instead of ddr2 800 on this mobo? Will just run at the slower 667 speed or will it damage the mobo or memory?

3) If I am correct, I can use the hard drive and memory I already have. So can I just buy this mobo+cpu combo + power supply + case and be good to go. So I need some recommendations on the case? Don't need anything fancy just something with good ventilation.

Thanks, any thoughts/recommendations of why I should/shouldn't use this mobo would be appreciated.
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Mar 4, 2010
This case or this case would either one fit the bill & both have PSU's that are plenty for what you need.