100 Million Point Challenge


DCOTM x4, [H]ard|DCer of the Year 2019
Sep 23, 2006
Calling all [H]eavy crunchers from the [H]orde! Currently, phoenicis and I are at the top of the hill. Come knock us off, if you think you're able. There are enough GPU projects with steady work to easily tie us at six, at the least.

Fall is approaching (for the northern hemisphere, anyway)... Fire up those GPU's, boys and girls!

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Hmm, according to stats.free-dc.org, I have 4 projects above 100m, With SOB being the highest at 2,767,283,210,665,980
I'm chasing skillz or maybe both of us should chase after him. He seems very quiet these days. :p
Yeah... I get work in small batches, so just stay attached and get what you can.
Moo for my 8th 100M that seems to be all the easy ones.. too bad i am 5M short on enigma... i was working on getting it to 100 right when it dried up.. Guess i will finish up DHEP which will tie me with Chelsea for 2nd assuming he doesn't get any more.