10" Tablet


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 9, 2004
Deff the samsung over the other one, never even heard of that brand.

I have an Asus Transformer TF300T and for what I use it for its perfect. I chose the transformer because of the keyboard dock you can get for it. It adds battery life as well as standard USB port.
I was thinking Samsung, but if she is only going to use it for Facebook really, the Other might do..
Of the two I think I'd rather go with a known product (samsung) but that is just me.
I would go with Asus Memo 10.
It's not expensive, it's got a quad-core processor and an IPS screen.
For surfing, I really like using Airview to open menus and activate other hover-over features. Check out a Galaxy Note 10.1 with the stylus. Cowboom runs sales on pre-owned models from time to time.