zen 2

  1. DrezKill

    64-Core Rome Infrared Shots

    More here: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-64-core-epyc-cpu-die-design-architecture-ryzen-3000 "What you see above is a clean die-shot of AMD’s 64-Core Rome CPU. This might look familiar, as it’s a shot of the same chip we had pictured in our previous coverage. Except, there is one...
  2. Pieter3dnow

    X570 motherboards price leak from ALZA.CO.UK

    https://adoredtv.com/x570-motherboard-price-leak-from-alza-co-uk/ The list has some prices from all of the motherboard vendors it seems: The list is bigger then this and has a conversion table for US Dollar
  3. J

    Hot Chips program is out (IBM Power10, AMD Zen 2 & Navi, ARM Neoverse N1,...)

  4. B

    12c Zen 2 confirmed

    https://www.techpowerup.com/251821/amd-zen-2-12-core-24-thread-matisse-cpu-spotted-in-userbenchmark Ugh. Time to dissect my 2700x system and prepare for a 3800x 16 core....
  5. cageymaru

    AMD Matisse Zen 2 Processors Revealed in AIDA64 Extreme Beta Patch Notes

    The latest beta for AIDA64 Extreme has added support for AMD Matisse Zen 2 processors which are fabricated on a TSMC 7 nm process. Support for the identification of DDR4-5700, DDR4-5800 memory modules has been added according to the release notes. Komachi on Twitter noticed the listing this...
  6. cageymaru

    AMD Cinebench Benchmark Demo at CES 2019 Buries the Current Intel Lineup

    AdoredTV on YouTube analyzes what was actually shown in the AMD Ryzen Zen 2 vs Intel Core i9-9900K demonstration at CES 2019. He explains what the numbers mean, how AMD derived them, and why the AMD Zen 2 7nm chip that defeated the cream of the crop from Intel was actually just a lower-midrange...
  7. cageymaru

    AMD Releases Statement on Zen 2 IPC Performance Uplift Article

    AMD has released a statement explaining the Zen 2 IPC performance uplift numbers noted in press release footnotes. According to AMD, "The data in the footnote represented the performance improvement in a microbenchmark for a specific financial services workload which benefits from both integer...
  8. cageymaru

    An In-Depth Analysis of the 7nm 64-Core AMD EPYC "Rome" Server Processor

    Charlie Demerjian of SemiAccurate has written an in-depth analysis of the 7nm 64-core 9-die AMD EPYC "Rome" server processor. He hypothesizes over the real world performance potential for the processor versus benchmarks by analyzing the chip's design features. He explains why the 14nm IOX chip...