wireless router

  1. B

    AX is Faster than AC Wireless Standard?

    I thought AX is superior to AC in that it is made to handle way more simultaneous devices than AC and it improves energy saving of mobile devices ans IoT devices. But I didn't know it improve bandwidth transfer rate twice compared to AC. At least that's what one guy claims it does. He says he...
  2. B

    Why Sometimes I Can't Access Some Websites Through Cable Modem?

    Hello, I am non-US and have issues connecting to some websites through my ISP's cable modem, be it wired connection or wireless. However I have no such issue connecting through my cellular provider's 4G LTE internet. In both cases I tried connecting from smartphone and laptop through wireless...
  3. Susquehannock

    Please school me on DOCSIS 3.0

    My internet provider (xfinity/comcast) has been very persistent & insistent that I need to upgrade my cable modem to DOCSIS 3.0. What does this mean? Will my old wireless 'G' router need upgrading too? Have only internet ... no cable TV or phone service. Thanks