1. modi123

    Is Yeston a decent brand?

    Going through a few youtube videos today, and this came up. Yeah I see a few topics a year or or so ago, but these folk are new to me. Has anyone had any experience with Yeston branded video cards? Waifu, anime, and chibi ascetics aside, is Yeston a viable alternative out there for video...
  2. lostinseganet

    Supa size your Anime Waifu {Gatebox Grande}

    If having an augmented reality waifu the size of a shoe box was too small for you then soon your wait will be over. Gatebox has American sized this puppy to a whopping 2 meters [6.56168 feet]. O-o https://hypebeast.com/2021/3/gatebox-grande-anime-hologram-store-guides-news