1. DooKey

    Bethesda Almost Confirms RAGE 2 With New Tweets

    Bethesda is out there in Twitter land putting out some tweets that are hinting at Rage 2 being announced on May 14th. I don't know about anybody else, but I wasn't a real fan of the first one so I'm not sure a sequel really interests me. Also, I'm wanting to know if Kyle ever got his money back...
  2. DooKey

    Tweet Puts Fleetwood Mac Back Into The Billboard Music Charts

    The song "Dreams" was released way back in 1977 and hit number 1 in June of that year. Recently, in a response to a tweet that said Fleetwood Mac songs are boring, a Twitter user posted a video of the song showing Alcorn State University dancers dancing to the song. As a result the video went...
  3. R

    Court Rules Embedding a Tweet Can be Copyright Infringement

    In a report on Torrentfreak, Justin Goldman filed a lawsuit after a photo of Tom Brady went viral and ended up being used on several news outlets. A New York federal court has ruled people can be held liable for copyright infringement if they embed a tweet hosted by a third party. News outlets...
  4. R

    Twitter Testing Extending Character Limit To 240

    In a blog post today, Twitter has announced that they are testing a 280 character limit. The increase comes because in languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French, you can't convey as much information in one character as with languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. While I'm...
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    FBI Arrests Man in Seizure-Inducing Tweet to Dallas journalist Kurt Eichenwald

    The FBI has arrested a man allegedly responsible for targeting Dallas journalist Kurt Eichenwald with a seizure inducing tweet. As we reported back in December, the Man had previously been sued by Vanity Fair for the attack. The man reportedly faces federal charges, and is also expected to be...