1. AlphaAtlas

    TPCast Air Reportedly Works with Occulus Go and Quest

    TPCast was one of the first companies to enter the wireless VR market. The original TPCast untethered VR users from their PCs, while the TPCast Plus reportedly worked out some of the kinks. HTC recently launched their own wireless streaming solution, and we reviewed MSI's more unorthodox...
  2. S

    TPCast Connectivity Issues

    I don't expect to see a lot of traffic on this thread, as the number of us that have TPCast units is likely pretty small, but I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing connectivity issues with their TPCast/Vive or TPCast/Rift combinations? Some background on my setup, I'm running the...
  3. H


    any news on tpcast? Been waiting patiently for this one. Last unheard was Q2 this year
  4. H

    TPCAST Wireless Vive Kit Review

    If you are a Vive owner you'll no doubt want to check out this review of the TPCAST wireless unit over at UploadVR. How do you test a wireless adapter for a VR headset? Have a gymnast do back flips while playing a game. I'm not kidding. :D I wonder how well this would work with our VR...