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    1. Ul0wnz
      Interested in your MiniITX computer....be perfect for my daughter. If still available, I can Paypal you immediately. Thanks!
    2. bitibomer
      hey, i wanna buy that gtx 770 $120. can you pm me?
    3. jbltecnicspro
      Hey - thanks for standing up for me in the Far Cry discussion. I checked out the ESRB's page and with the help of a couple of other people, determined that it'll probably be okay to play the game.

      Man, I had NO idea that my question would actually do that! Craziness. And you're absolutely right about honoring versus needing something to be approved. Take care and God bless you. :)
    4. Suta
      I bought 6 copies for around $20 off ebay last year for a lan party, brand new sealed ones can be had cheap there. Might want to check it out..
      Sent a PM as I am a lurker and don't have 50 posts to post in the forum :P
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