1. DooKey

    Apple Pays Ireland First Tranche of Disputed Taxes

    Apple has decided to place 1.5B euros in escrow as they fight the European Commission order to pay taxes to the EU for illegal state aid. If Apple loses the appeal they will end up owing 13B euros. We all know Apple is sitting on billions of dollars, but this will still be a nice chunk out of...
  2. R

    IRS e-File System Breaks Down Hours Before Deadline

    The Washington Post is reporting that the Internal Revenue Service's online system for submitting tax returns had widespread failures today. For several hours this morning the IRS' online payment page was also down, describing a "Planned Outage: April 17, 2018 - December 31, 9999." Acting...
  3. R

    Scam Victims Pay "Back Taxes" With iTunes Gift Cards

    Since 2013, over 10,000 victims have paid scammers more than $54 million according to a report from CNBC. The scam reappears every year, with someone from the "IRS" calling to talk about "fraud," "back taxes," and "arrests" to get the victims attention. Once the scammer has the victims attention...
  4. R

    Rhode Island Also Wants to Tax Your Pr0n

    A few weeks ago a Rhode Island representative wanted to tax violent video games, now the Providence Journal is reporting that they also want to tax your pr0n. Sen. Frank Ciccone, D-Providence, and Sen. Hanna Gallo, D-Cranston, introduced a bill that would require ISPs to digitally block “sexual...
  5. DooKey

    Rhode Island State Representative Wants to Tax Violent Video Games

    A Rhode Island State Representative is proposing a 10% tax on violent video games to fund counselling and mental health services in schools. However, the Secret Service says less than 20% of school shooters played violent video games. So why tax video games if they have no real evidence of...
  6. DooKey

    'Dutch Sandwich' Tastes Like 16B Euros to Google

    Google has shielded almost 16B euros in profits in 2016 by utilizing the 'Dutch Sandwich' tactic. Basically, they move their profits from an Irish subsidiary to a Dutch company without employees, and then to an Ireland-registered company with a Bermuda mailbox. This is a lot of money that's...
  7. DooKey

    The IRS Wants User Data From Coinbase

    The Internal Revenue Service is heading to court today (WARNING auto play video) with the goal of forcing Coinbase, a U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, to hand over data on a host of its users. I would suggest that people that have used Coinbase to move large quantities of Bitcoin/cash around are...
  8. R

    Could AI Be The Biggest Win For Taxpayers

    Government bots designed to slash red tape and search case law could save the feds up to $41 billion per year by freeing up 1.2 billion working hours a study by consultancy firm Deloitte predicts. Some federal agencies already are already using AI in some form. The U.S. Citizenship and...