1. cageymaru

    GDC Releases Its State of the Game Industry 2019 Report

    The Game Developers Conference (GDC) has surveyed nearly 4,000 game developers for its annual State of the Industry Survey. In the latest edition, truths about the game industry are revealed such as working hours, pressure from bosses to work overtime, thoughts on the 30% cut that Steam takes...
  2. cageymaru

    Most Americans Find the Cost of Cable TV Is Too Darn High

    A new poll from The Hollywood Reporter/ Morning Consult has found that many Americans find the cost of cable TV and satellite to be too high. 90% of respondents indicated that price was a factor when deciding to subscribe to a TV or streaming service. 56% found the high costs associated with...
  3. cageymaru

    PC Gaming Crushes Console Gaming in New Survey

    The much maligned PC gaming sector has received a boost in a new survey conducted by EEDAR. According to the 2018 Gamer Segmentation Report conducted on 5,000 US gamers, mobile gaming is the number one way to play games as 90% of those surveyed chose that option. But then it gets interesting...
  4. cageymaru

    Many Rural Americans Lack Access to High Speed Internet in Their Area

    In a new Pew Research Center survey, 24% of rural Americans complained of not having access to broadband internet and consider it to be a major issue in their area. Another 34% think that not having access to high-speed internet in their area is only a minor problem; which means that 58% of...
  5. cageymaru

    Intel Drones Assist in the Preservation of the Great Wall of China

    Intel has sent drones to researchers to assist in the preservation of the Great Wall of China; specifically in the Jiankou section. By conducting surveys and taking thousands of high quality images, the drones have been instrumental in helping the preservationists to monitor the current state...
  6. R

    Steam Hardware Survey Was Wrong

    Every month Steam posts it's Steam Hardware & Software Survey, giving data on what hardware and software are Steam users running. While it has long been a bit questionable about the validity of the data, The Tech Report's Wayne Manion has posted an article today explaining that the last few...
  7. J

    Some positive info on AMD Ryzen and the general Public In contrast: And then there is this, although UK: US:
  8. FrgMstr

    Steam Hardware Survey for July 2016

    The Steam Hardware Survey is a great barometer for feeling out what is going on in the enthusiast PC marketplace. NVIDIA has 57% of the video cards this month, DX12 GPUs with Windows 10 is still climbing, Intel owns the processors by 77%, and the HTC Vive is still at a commanding 65% of VR...