1. cageymaru

    HITMAN 2 - Ghost Mode Game-Play Reveal

    Hitman 2 has will feature a new Ghost Mode where you can race an opponent to complete 5 hits. You can see the other player's "ghost" but your actions don't affect their world. Spotted kills do not count and there is a timer that activates when a kill is performed by one of the players so be...
  2. L

    Budget Cuts is out

    It's out now. If you enjoyed the demo then you'll feel right at home. I only played about 80 minutes and overall I like it. Though in one spot I had to actually get down on my knees to proceed because the ceiling was lower than I could just bend over, which I really didn't like (my knees aren't...
  3. Q

    Echo PC; PS4 version forthcoming $23. Short game, though. Apparently 6 hours and change at...