1. Gilthanis

    2018 SETI-Wow! Event

    The reason I want to start this thread in here early is to suggest a proposition. A splash of sorts. The event is on August 15th. Typically many people start bunkering 10 days in advanced because the client limits this. However, IIRC SETI work units have a deadline of around 53 days. I was...
  2. R

    Mystery Of The "Wow!" Signal Solved?

    After 40 years the mystery of the "Wow!" signal may have been found, and the answer is a bit disappointing. A little history, In August 1977, the Ohio State's "Big Ear" Observatory picked up a radio transmission from the Sagittarius constellation that was so strong it inspired the astronomer who...
  3. Gilthanis

    SETI@Home WOW Event 2016 by SETI.Germany

    SETI.Germany invites all BOINC teams to the SETI@Home Wow!-Event 2016. It takes place from 15th August, 16.00 UTC, until 29th August 2016, 16.00 UTC. We cordially ask all team leaders to forward the invitation to their team. Information about the Wow! Race 2016, an exciting race concept and a...