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Jan 29, 2006
SETI.Germany invites all BOINC teams to the SETI@Home Wow!-Event 2016. It takes place from 15th August, 16.00 UTC, until 29th August 2016, 16.00 UTC.
We cordially ask all team leaders to forward the invitation to their team. Information about the Wow! Race 2016, an exciting race concept and a registration form can be found here:
Wow!-Event > Register |
SETI.Germany wishes you and your team members much fun with the Wow! Event 2016.

Many Greetings: Terminator

Last years thread - SETI@Home Wow! Event by SETI.Germany 2015

2014 we came in 36th
2015 we came in 26th

Each person signs up individually. However, you still need to join our team at SETI@Home. Here is our page: [H]ard|OCP

You need to know your SETI@Home user name and User ID. The User ID is just a number and can be found within your account at SETI's website.
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Hello to all.SETI.Germany invites Team [H]ard|OCP to the SETI@Home-Wow!-Event 2016.Everyone is welcome.

Many Greetings: Setifan,ak Teminator from Team SETI.Germany
Only two of us are signed up. This event requires each person to sign up on their own. I can't do it for you. Please join in.
Just signed up. However I'll be out of town for the whole of next week starting this Sun. All of my rigs will be shutdown but will be participating in the second week of the WOW event.
Just joined! I will have all of my AMD and Nvidia GPU's crunching. In fact, I've already started.

I'm gonna blow past my 10million point goal easily now!
Good to hear it. I know this project isn't one of the teams more favored sciences, but it is one of the few projects that can sustain heavy pull and supports most hardware. This is about the only time of the year I really run it much.
Is anyone planning to run both GPU and CPU? I'm going to set mine up as GPU only for best efficiency. Just tested some WUs last night with overclock 2600K @4.2G and such a big difference in PPD. See below or for more details on WU 2232729597 here. My computer id 8050233. The rig 7475713 has GTX1080 and is about 22 times faster than my single CPU thread. Would be good to post and share our card performances.

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Since SETI takes their servers down one day each week, it is advisable to up your cache by 1.5 days to cover it.
less than 3 hours before it starts. If anyone else is hopping in, make sure you sign up. Links are in the first post.
Looks like we have begun in 27th place. We currently only have 4 teammates participating.
We have moved up to 25th place. Keep up the pace guys
We are now at 24th place. Still 4 members in this event.

I just fired up my only GPU this morning after the rig had a good one week rest. Will probably crunch for the next few days and see what happens.

This event is well suited for those with GPU hardware but CPU can still crunch albeit lower PPD.
The team is currently in 25th place, with just over 24 hours to go. Here are the individual standings.

RFGuy, awesome GPU crunching here. Looks like we are safe at 25th place, one place better than last year assuming no surprises in the last few closing hours. Switching everything back to WCG. Trying to be in the 7-digit club and keep up with MGM.

I looked at today BOINCstats (top credits for the day or week) and we appear to have more than 4 people currently crunching SETI but for unknown reason has not registered for the WOW event. Just an observation. Wondering if anyone has any idea on improving participation rate since they appear to have already crunched SETI? Perhaps an email by team captain :whistle: if their profile is set to allow/consent team captain to contact them? I don't mean to "spam" them. Or the registration is just too cumbersome. Just a thought.

BTW, being quite new here, if this has already being discussed many times in the past, please ignore this post.


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I know that I have sent out the emails in the past and got little to zero response. Even someone I got to join our team and sign up last year and is local to me didn't even bother. I think that the majority of our members don't check into the forums and barely pay attention once they have it set up.