1. cageymaru

    Jeff Bezos Announces Philanthropic "Bezos Day One Fund"

    Jeff Bezos is an entrepreneur who has dabbled into starting online retail businesses such as Amazon, spaceflight research with Blue Origin and even delivers the daily news with the Washington Post. Now he has decided that he wants to commit to a philanthropic endeavor with the start of a new $2...
  2. H

    Virtual Reality Teaches Teens Dangers Of Texting And Driving

    It is now a proven fact that virtual reality can help teach teens about the dangers of distracted driving. I know it sounds gimmicky and expensive (neither of which are true) but now that there is concrete statistical evidence proving that it works, school districts around the country should...
  3. N

    Help needed with VMware, Torque, NFS - for school

    Hi everyone :) I may sound like a n00b but I could really use some help with my school project that will define my grade. Professor told me to install VMware and install 3 virtual machines, then to use NFS so clients can see a machine on server, and then to use Torque (PBS) to submit a result of...
  4. EventHorizonVII

    School Laptop ($500-700)

    Finishing out the last two years of my bachelor's for business admin and for business law but the laptop I've got is done for. Done for as in my three (almost four) year old jumped from the couch to the floor where he put it while I was cooking dinner. Double footed hulk smash. Long story...