1. Zarathustra[H]

    Are there any PCIe Switch Risers?

    PCIe Switches are a thing. They are expensive, use power, and introduce some latency, but they exist and work. PLX was probably the most famous until they were absorbed by Broadcom, but there are other brands as well. I believe TI makes some, and there is also a company named Microchip that...
  2. iFreilicht

    Flexible PCIe risers

    A lot of new case designs are using flexible PCIe risers, and for a good reason. They allow for flexibility when placing the GPU, enabling much more efficient layouts. There are many different risers out there, so I thought it would be helpful to have a thread where we can collect information...
  3. U

    Small portable CPU case with home based modular GPU case

    I am designing a modular CPU/GPU case system where the CPU case is designed to be as small as possible with the GPU case large enough to hold the beefiest of GPU's. The CPU case (19 by 19 by 6.5cm ) will be powered by a PICO PSU with a Power Brick (12 by 6 by 3.5cm) for portability and will...
  4. iFreilicht

    The HDPLEX Silicon flexible PCIe riser

    I received the HDPLEX Silicon riser (click "Package contents" for more pictures) today and boy what a great riser that is. This might be the one I've been looking for all this time. Here are my first impressions: Short facts: Costs about 1/3rd of the 3M riser, about the same as the LiHeat...