1. cageymaru

    Tesla Summon+ Feature Is Clearing Regulatory Hurdles and More Tesla News

    Elon Musk has announced that the successor to its Summon feature called Summon+ is currently clearing regulatory hurdles in some regions as the electric car manufacturer readies for its release. The Summon+ feature will grant Tesla owners the power to summon their cars and the vehicle would...
  2. cageymaru

    Ubisoft to Censor Rainbow Six Siege to Appeal to Asian Territories

    Ubisoft has announced the creation of a global Rainbow Six Siege game that will fit meet regulations and compliance in certain Asian territories. This is being done to streamline the development process. Supposedly everything that will be censored is purely cosmetic. Some items that will be...
  3. R

    NY Municipalities to Charge Miners More For Electricity

    UtilityDive is reporting that New York regulators will allow municipal power providers to charge higher rates to cryptocurrency mining operations. Electricity costs for high-density load customers will increase beginning in March, said the PSC, if customers they do not quality for economic...
  4. DooKey

    South Korea Latest Country to Enact Cryptocurrency Regulations

    South Korea has decided to jump on the cryptocurrency regulation bandwagon and will no longer allow anonymous cryptocurrency accounts. Also, they will have regulators continually monitoring the exchanges from this point on. Further, new legislation may be put into place that would shut down...
  5. Armenius

    CEC Drafts Regulations for Power Usage in PC Components

    California Energy Commission’s Proposed Regulations on Personal Computers Poses Threat to Prebuilt Gaming Desktops and Gaming Monitors | Delidded Tech The California Energy Commission has drafted regulations to govern the power usage of whole systems and the components they use that could shake...