1. Cerulean

    Lightest Live Linux OS that supports making Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections?

    I am looking for a lightweight live Linux OS that would allow me to connect to a machine running Windows OS via RDP.
  2. M

    Always have to retype saved password for it to connect to the server with RDP

    So I have a desktop with Windows 7 and a server with win server 2008r2. I have remote desktop setup with the username and password to connect to the server. Everytime it says something like authentication failed or something similar with the saved password, but if I type in the same password...
  3. cageymaru

    Hyper-V Quick Create Feature Makes Creating Ubuntu Virtual Machines Easier

    Microsoft has collaborated with Canonical to make running Linux even easier on Windows 10. The Hyper-V Quick Create command in the upcoming Fall Creator's Update will feature a virtual machine image that can be launched by typing "Hyper-V Quick Create" in your start menu. In addition to the...
  4. DooKey

    Hackers are Selling Backdoors Into PCs for Just $10

    Just the other day we were talking about military documents on the dark web selling for as little as $200 and today the talk is about hackers selling backdoors into PCs for just $10 on the dark web. This latest offer was discovered when researchers at McAfee Labs looked into the sale of remote...