quantum dot

  1. euskalzabe

    HP Pavilion 27 Quantum Dot - First QDOG, out this month

    I was recently asking here about the importance of 144hz vs 10 bit color, and in the past week I've learned quite a lot from doing research online. Some important conclusions: - 144hz is not super important if you're not playing fast paced FPS games. - bit-depth and color gamut are related but...
  2. euskalzabe

    Quantum Dot display, or just a regular IPS or VA?

    Anyone here has experience with QLED monitors? I've been looking to replace my 40" 4K TV/monitor and I'm gearing up for black friday. I'm considering a 29WK600 because some games refuse to scale properly at 21:9 within my giant 16:9 monitor. However, it'd be no better than my current panel, only...
  3. Zarathustra[H]

    Samsung’s New Quantum Dots Serve Up Some Tasty TV Colors

    If you guys are like me, you've seen these new fancy looking Samsung QLED TV's start showing up at retailers, but didn't really know what this QLED thing was all about. Wired has an article up discussing Samsung's new Quantum Dot tech at a rather high level, and also includes a link to a much...