1. Nside

    Real Experience with QLC, TLC, MLC?

    I'm interested in people's actual experience with the various NAND Densities. My first SSD was a 60GB Corsair Force II SATA drive bought in 2011. I'm pretty sure it's MLC, but might be SLC. All I know is, it still works. It's slow and tiny by today's standards, but for a homemade NAS, it still...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Micron Will Manufacture Octa Level Flash

    Update: Micron on Making Octa Level Flash - Nope! WCCF reports that Micron plans to introduce octa-level flash in Q1 or Q2 2019. As opposed to carrying a single bit of information like old SLC SSDs, or two bits like common MLC drives, octa level flash cells can each hold a byte of information...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Announces a Hybrid Optane M.2 SSD

    While products with Intel's 3D Xpoint memory tend to be insanely fast storage devices, Optane SSDs are pretty pricey when compared to their flash counterparts. 900P drives are still going for about $1/GB online, while the smaller cache drives have even worse price/storage ratios. But at CES this...
  4. AlphaAtlas

    Micron Intends to Make 10k HDDs Obsolete

    10,000 RPM hard drives have all but disappeared from consumer markets, but they still have a place in the enterprise hardware world. However, Micron intends to make those drives obsolete with their new 5210 ION QLC SSDs. The company claims the new drives have "MSRPs similar on a $/GB basis to...