1. C

    Scanning a lot of documents efficiently

    I am finding it surprisingly difficult to scan a lot of documents quickly and efficiently. Meaning, I really want to avoid having to go back and forth between my scanner and my computer. The HP scan to computer feature seemed good for this. This let you stand at the printer and scan documents...
  2. DooKey

    Windows Update Borks Old Epson Dot Matrix Printers

    Microsoft's latest batch of software updates for Windows has been blamed for a mysterious ailment befalling some poor old Epson dot-matrix printers. I know most of the [H] readership always has top of the line equipment, but this PSA is for those that still need to use old equipment for one...
  3. U

    A laser printer that is precise to the actual measurements on the page?

    Hello, I am trying to print labels that have to match exactly to measurements on the page, but the basic laser printer I have is a bit off and prints lines a bit leaning over and misaligned. I tried to adjust it but can't get it to be any better. What type of laser printer (or other type but...