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    RTX 2070 Supper needs 1x 6-pin + 1x 8-pin- Can I use am adapter ?

    Hello Fellows, newbie here. Quick hardware/power pins question. I just created my small mining machine from spare gaming PC I have. I will just stay with 2 GPUs. I have 2 PCI slots: 1st. port - I got RX580 8GG pluged in directly 2nd port - I got a raiser card with Molex/Sata power connector...
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    Question on powering an RTX 2080

    Hello, I have a Season focus gold 750 power supply that I am running one cable from to the RTX 2080 it has two 6+2 plugs so I am using 6+2 and 6. Everything seems fine but I am wondering if is should actually have two power cable coming from the power supply? I have seen posts in various...
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    Extending HTC Vive distance

    I need to extend the distance between my HTC Vive and my computer. I want to make a solution that extends the distance from the computer to the breakout box. I have some good quality USB and HDMI cables already, but what kind of power cable do I need? Looking to add about 5 ft distance
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    Double length Sata power cable by joining two

    If you join two sata power cables to make a double length cable to ssd/hdd, could this be too long for the gauge of wire used in standard cables? I'm not talking about the data cable, just the power one from the psu. Since usb external drives never seem to work with longer usb cables maybe...