pizza hut

  1. DooKey

    Pizza Hut Korea Introduces Pizza Serving Robot

    Pizza Hut Korea is jumping on the robot bandwagon by putting into service a little robot called Dilly Plate that can autonomously bring up 22 kilograms of food to your table. The Koreans aren't the first to use robot in their restaurants, but this does show that robots are going to continue to...
  2. R

    Pizza Hut's New Shoes Let You Order Pizza And Pause Live TV

    Pizza Hut has unveiled the Pie Tops II Sneaker today. Partnering with famed sneaker designer the "Shoe Surgeon" the shoes come in either red, or what colors, and has a button on the tongue to order you a pizza. If that weren't enough there is a button inside the tongue of the other shoe that...
  3. DooKey

    Pizza Hut Got Hacked and Waited 2 Weeks to Tell Customers

    If you were a possible victim of the Pizza Hut hack earlier this month you should have received an email from the company by now. However, I'd recommend that anyone who has been buying Pizza Hut products online to keep a good eye on your credit report and credit cards. Supposedly it's only 60K...