1. C

    FS: Oneplus 5, LG V35, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

    As per the title, I am selling 3 Android phones. I have upgraded phones for my family and no longer need these. Shipping will be the actual shipping cost of the phones. I use so the cost will be minimal. Oneplus 5 Unlocked 128GB. As far as I can tell there are no scratches on...
  2. H

    FS: Radeon VII, Dell G7, Razer Core v2 eGPU, Apple iPad 12.9 (256GB + WiFi/Cellular), OnePlus 6T

    I recently switched back to a Gaming Desktop, so looking to sell off some items I do not use anymore. Local Pickup in NYC (Manhattan) area preferred but can also ship: AMD Radeon VII Standard Radeon VII from AMD I recently bought this from another member, since I was indecisive between Radeon...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    OnePlus Will Make a Smart TV

    OnePlus may be forgoing analog output on their next smartphone, but but at least another product lineup will have it. In a forum post, Oneplus, which is known for their affordable "flagship" Android smartphones, announced the "OnePlus TV." Pete Lau, the company chief, is leading the development...
  4. anabioz


  5. M

    FS/FT: Note 8, iPhone 8+, OnePlus 3T

    I need to move the following, I'm not interested in other smartphones ATM, but I am looking for a MacBook Pro or an Intel 6950X for my X99 build. If you need pics of any of the following, just ask via PM and I can provide. Samsung Note 8 - Black - Unlocked: Purchased from Best Buy, excellent...
  6. R

    OnePlus Confirms Up To 40,000 Users Affected By Credit Card Breach

    In a forum post today, OnePlus has released more details on the breach that forced them to halt credit card payments on their site Tuesday. OnePlus states that "One of our systems was attacked, and a malicious script was injected into the payment page code to sniff out credit card info while it...
  7. FrgMstr

    OnePlus Turns off Credit Card Payment Support After Phone Purchases

    OnePlus has been reaching out to its phone customers about apparent credit card fraud attached to using its phones payment systems, and lo and behold, OnePlus has decided to disable its credit card payment systems. As a precaution, we are temporarily disabling credit card payments at...
  8. R

    OnePlus Backdoor Can Allow Hackers To Gain Root Access

    It has been discovered that several models of OnePlus smartphones were inadvertently left with a Qualcomm diagnostic tool called EngineerMode inside it's smartphones. The application was made to provide manufacturers like OnePlus a tool to test all the components of their devices. Robert...
  9. FrgMstr

    OnePlus OxygenOS is Sending Your Private Info Back to OnePlus

    It seems that owners of OnePlus phones are getting a lot of their activity spied on by OnePlus and the kicker is that none of this data is sanitized for your protection. Its seems to be watching just about everything you do with your phone, and of course it is not asking if it is OK to send...