new gaming build question

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    Random reboots and video signal loss after reboot/shutdown/sleep

    I just built my first SFFPC a week using the NZXT H1. My specs are below. The first thing I did after installing Windows 10 was updated the BIOS to 2606 along with installing the newest mobo drivers. Then I installed the driver for the 5700XT. I first started noticing my issues after the PC went...
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    Hello my first post. I have a question.

    I am about to build my second gaming rig and it will be AMD focused. Ryzen 2600 with a rx 5700 red dragon. It will have 16GB ddr4 3000 housed in a core 500 with a sf450 platinum PSU. Also it will have 2 140mm fans and 1 120mm fans all noctua. The CPU will be cooled with NH-l12s. NO OC. Just...