network devices

  1. A

    Help with static route in pfSense

    Not sure my setup is correctly implemented but I am trying to have one-way communications to a VLAN for cameras. Need to isolate camera network (VLAN3) from accessing the internet or any other internal network but I need to be able to reach into the VLAN3 network. Right now, the only way I can...
  2. Cerulean

    Scalable management of non-default SNMP for 10-100k devices?

    Howdy! I am on an adventure to disable SNMPv1 (unless required by vendor) and configure SNMPv2c/3 (only highest and most secure possible) on 100-300 clients or 20k-100k devices that are SNMP capable. This includes ensuring devices do not use default SNMP strings and credentials. Does anyone...