1. DooKey

    Swastikas Will No Longer Automatically be Banned in German Video Games

    Since the end of WW II displays of Nazi symbols have been banned. This ban also included use of these symbols in video games and as a result developers had to release censored video games. However, it looks like the practice may be ending because the German national ratings agency announced...
  2. FrgMstr

    This App Requires Access to Write to Your Account - Screw That

    Given that most of our readers likely use smartphones and have a ton of applications on those, it very much behooves you to pay attention to that screen during installation that tells you what app has access to. More than once I have looked at what an application is wanting access to and...
  3. FrgMstr

    Heard About Nazis Lately?

    If you want your chance to get some of your frustration out on real digital Nazis, this is your chance. And this one even comes with popups to interrupt your game-flow and get you killed a bit quicker. You don't get to punch a Nazi, but you do get to shoot them. Based on id's open source HTML...