1. W

    Mining set up advice

    i've just started mining on my PC for a few days and i think i would like to up my game. This is what i want to do. Here are some things that i want to achieve: at least 20K$ a year profit Not too loud. maybe under 60db. Under 50 would be so nice. I'll be running it in my living room. I...
  2. cageymaru

    Make-A-Wish Website Was Infected with Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

    The Make-A-Wish website was recently infected with a cryptocurrency mining malware called CoinImp which was hosted by "drupalupdates.tk." Cybercriminals obfuscate malware with various methods that make blacklist solutions obsolete. Trustwave says the injected script was removed. Trustwave SWG...
  3. J

    Possible space available for ASIC miner hosting (in a real datacenter!)

    Apologies if this isn't an appropriate venue for this, I just thought I'd post here to see if I could help anyone out (and I'd much rather work with HardOCP members than the types of people you often find on the 'main' crypto forums!) I bought a bunch of ASIC miners (Antminer S9 and L3+), and...