1. DooKey

    Megabots Plans Giant Fighting Robot Tournament In 2018

    I4U News reports that Megbots wants to make the giant robot tournament a reality, and the help of fans is once again needed. Megabots launched a new crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter with the goal to raise $950,000. Check out their video. Watch the video here.
  2. M

    Megabots' Organizer Says Next Step is Giant Robot Fighting League

    Megabots' CEO, Gui Cavalcanti would like to move forward in organizing a fight league of sorts with other teams of giant robot makers. A week ago, the US and Japan presented their "best" robots forward in a giant robot duel presented on Twitch. Hopefully, most kept their hype in check as the...
  3. FrgMstr

    MegaBots Really Happening....Finally

    It looks like what we have been promised for a long time is actually going to happen...GIANT ROBOT DUEL! USA vs Japan. You can watch it live next week on Twitch. While I have high hopes, I am keeping my expectations fairly low. Check out the video. This is Eagle Prime, America's entrant...