mechanical keyboard

  1. J

    Lube a Gateron Low Profile Switch?

    Has anyone successfully lubed these switches? They are on the Keychron K1 V4. Mine are not hot swappable. Unlike traditional switches, there's no accessible recessed area when the switch is depressed. It looks like I should be able to pop out the colored portion that sits on the spring, lube the...
  2. cageymaru

    Corsair K68 Mech Keyboard with Reds (Renewed) $29.99 at Amazon

    Corsair K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Red (Renewed) is $29.99 at Amazon. From the product description page on Amazon. Product works and looks like new. Comes with a 90-day warranty. A new Corsair K68 costs $63.15 on Amazon...
  3. Y

    Optical vs. Mechanical Keyboards. Which do you prefer?

    I know mechanical keyboards have existed since the 80's and have remained relatively unchanged, but yet they're still so popular. I'm curious to know why that is? Due to the fact that optical keyboards use light as an actuation point rather than metal to metal contact like a mechanical...
  4. B

    Keyboard and Mouse Suggested for Online FPS gaming

    So I just recently started playing Quake Champions online and realized a better mouse and keyboard would make things more fun. Have these Azza devices that came with CyberpowerPC purchase 4 years ago...
  5. J

    I am looking to buy a Skorpion K1 Blue LED keyboard

    I purchased a gaming PC from cyber power and It came with a scorpion K 1 mechanical clicky keyboard it was all blue LED. I am looking to buy a replacement I’m not looking for the multicolored LED one just the all blue one. I’m from the Connecticut willing to drive up to a reasonable distance...