lg 27gl650f-b

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    LG 27GL650F-B G-Sync Compatible Display

    Has anyone tried the LG 27GL650F-B G-Sync Compatible Display? I just opened mine. It shows up as a G-sync compatible display and is certified by Nvidia. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried playing with it? I get 144 Hz at the UFO test. It seemed a bit choppy playing BFV. I have an RTX...
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    LG 27GL650F-B vs Acer Curved ED273 Abidpx

    So I currently have a Dell SE2717Hr 27 inch monitor. I love IPS displays, but I want a gaming monitor with at least 144 Hz overdrive. I wish I could afford a G-sync monitor, but they are just much too expensive so I'm looking at either an LG 27GL650F-B IPS, 144 Hz with a 5ms Response Time & 1ms...