1. cageymaru

    Senator to Introduce Bill to Ban Loot Boxes and Microtransactions Aimed at Children

    Senator Josh Hawley announced the introduction of legislation that would ban loot boxes, pay-to-win, and other monetization practices that target children. This includes video game industry practices that entice players to spend real money for competitive advantages over other players. Another...
  2. R

    California Considering New Data Privacy Regulation

    In a report from NPR yesterday, following Europe's new privacy laws that went into effect on Friday, California is considering new legislation regarding online privacy. The California Consumer Privacy Act will likely be on the ballot in November, and will require business' to have a "clear and...
  3. DooKey

    California 18th State to Consider Right to Repair Legislation

    In a funny twist the home of Slicon Valley has become the 18th state to consider a Right to Repair Act. The RTRA would require repair guides and parts be made available to the public and repair shops so consumers can get their electronics repaired at places other than the OEM. All of this is...
  4. R

    Rhode Island Also Wants to Tax Your Pr0n

    A few weeks ago a Rhode Island representative wanted to tax violent video games, now the Providence Journal is reporting that they also want to tax your pr0n. Sen. Frank Ciccone, D-Providence, and Sen. Hanna Gallo, D-Cranston, introduced a bill that would require ISPs to digitally block “sexual...
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    Congressman Introduces Bill That Would Allow Victims To 'Hack Back' After Attacks

    Tech dirt has the, well, the dirt, on some very early stage legislation working its way through congress. It would give victims of hacking legal protection to hack their attackers back. When I first read this article, I got a bad vibe from it, as it sounded like vigilante justice, but...
  6. FrgMstr

    Thou Shalt Not Repair!

    This is an interesting case that comes as news to me. Nebraska is leading a number of states that are involved with requiring Apple and cell phone makers to supply the information needed to fix broken phones. This brings up a lot of questions around the phone being yours or not. That all...