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    Never seen before! World smallest ITX case with full size GPU 4.7L, ready to break record!

    Tired with duplication idea? Today I will show you a design that you never seen before: Dung Beetle ITX. Dung Beetle ITX is ITX case only 4.7L (inner), specifcation: -Inner dimensions 296x176x90. -Max graphic card size : Length 298mm, Height 42mm. -Max CPU cooler height : 37mm. -Support Flex ATX...
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    Project: mITX SFF custom case

    A few months back I started getting excited about Zen and Vega so I wanted to try something I've never done before. I began working on an ITX SFF case that would house a dGPU as well while keeping the volume as small as possible. I began this project without knowing about the Sentry case, but...