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    WTB: intel i7 4790K

    WTB: Intel i7 4790K
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    Maximus Vii Hero Used

    Hello! Need your advise! I was given a system comprised of Asus Z87 Maximus VI Hero Corsair 16GB DDR-3 1600mhz c10 Vengenace Pro Intel Core i7 4790k Corsair H60 Samsung 850 EVO 250GB PNY GTX 780 (will be replaced by my current GTX 1060) Coolmax ZU-1000B 1KW power supply Cooler Master HAF XB...
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    FS Intel 4790K $300 New and 5820K $360 Shipped

    -Heatware under samm | HeatWare.com Recent Satisfied Trade References: Saki630 usyed1 vividshock badcookies They can attest to Payment, Delivery, and followup :) The reason with the most recent names is due to some people who might be hesitant to use Google Wallet. (PM for me for those who...
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    What is the more stable and realiable ASUS MB for i7 4790K ?

    Hello Everyone. nice to meet you. :) I know it is to boring hear I asking this, but I live in an country that we don't have so much information about technology, so... I would appreciate so much for your help. I had a computer with 2600k and Intel dz69bc motherboard and OMG, I went crazy...