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  1. DooKey

    Virgin Hyperloop One Sets New Speed Record

    Virgin Hyperloop One has set a new speed record of 240 miles per hour. This exceeded the record set by Elon Musk's hyperloop by 20 miles per hour. Further, not only is the Virgin offering currently faster, but they've named Richard Branson their non-executive chairman. Additionally, they've...
  2. M

    Hyperloop One Reveals 10 Strongest Potential Hyperloop Routes in the World

    Los Angeles based Hyperloop One has outlined 10 potential locations to deploy its hyperloop technology after holding a competition with over 2,600 submissions. Four locations from the US have been suggested which include a route 640 miles between Dallas to Houston and and three city 488 miles...
  3. M

    Hyperloop One Had Its First Full-System Test

    On May 12th, Hyperloop One completed the first full system test of its hyperloop technology in a vacuum. The company released a video showing its successful test. The hyperloop vehicle reached speeds of 70mph pulling in 2G's along the first-portion of the Nevada test track much longer than the...