1. N

    Handbrake audio settings for ripped Bluray - no clue what I am doing.

    My situation: Encoding Bluray MKVs for playback on a 5.1 receiver, tablet, smart tv, or whatever else we have in the house. What I want: Nice surround sound quality (not a crazy audiophile) in my current AVR 1510 receiver with great compatibility for future equipment. Here is what my settings...
  2. FrgMstr

    HandBrake on Mac Malware from the Source

    While this will likely not impact a tremendous amount of HardOCP readers, it is worthy of noting that if you have recently downloaded and installed HandBrake for Mac, directly from the HandBrake site, you might be at risk for having been infected with malware. Now, if you use a Mac, you are...
  3. B

    Can xeon 5520 perform well in Handbrake and what is Intel® Quick Sync Video?

    I just bought a Xeon 5520 and i want to use it in handbrake. And my uncle said that i need Intel® Quick Sync Video for it to perform well in handbrake.
  4. K

    What's an ideal SSD for Handbrake conversions on an hourly basis??

    So far, I got a PNY CS1311 240GB and it's great, but there's got to be better alternatives and I plan to upgrade later. So what MLC/TLC SSD can I truly go for that won't degrade quickly due to well, constant encoding?
  5. M

    win10 home drive/folder permission issues

    My setup: Server - Windows 10 Home (always updated) C drive(SSD), N drive (created by stablebit drivepool, shared over network) B drive (500GB separate drive for temp files), virtual clone drive to mount ISOs, handbrake, plex. Sharing a printer. Mainly access through TeamViewer. Users - Admin...
  6. cageymaru

    Handbrake AMD VCE support is in development.

    No, you can't download it and try it yet. But Handbrake is incorporating AMD VCE support into their software. AMD of course jumped the gun a bit and posted a video of the speed difference. Which is at least fun to discuss. Handbrake already has OPENCL support, but of course AMD VCE would be...