1. R

    Canon Sells Its Last Film Camera

    After more than 80 years, Canon officially discontinued its last film camera, the EOS-1V. From a report on PetaPixel, since entering the camera industry in 1937, Canon has been a leader in the photography world, and despite discontinuing almost all its film cameras, the EOS-1v has been around...
  2. U

    A Video I took 2017

    We don't really have one of these. I've been spending a lot more of my time in the video world recently. I still have been working on portraits and stuff, but I just haven't had the want to put anything up recently. Anyway, I relatively recently got my first drone to compliment my video work...
  3. Zarathustra[H]

    New Automated DMCA Notices Hit Movie Pirates With $300 Fines

    With courts having become more skeptical of piracy suits, and less likely to easily hand rightsholders the massive payouts they once did, the industry is now rethinking its approach. The latest effort appears to be a new round of automated "fines." Instead of taking all discovered pirates to...