1. C

    Setting up Lan Cache Docker DNS in windows server hyper V?

    i’m trying to get lan cache working in docker on an Ubuntu VM in hyper V. i’ve figured out that the network in hyper V needs to reach out side as does the docker network! i’m just not sure how to navigate and configure the docket network. last time i tried this, i could ping the ubuntu VM but...
  2. cageymaru

    Microsoft Will Ship a Linux Kernel with Windows

    Microsoft has announced that it will be shipping a Linux kernel with Windows. The Windows Subsystem for Linux: WSL 2 will bring full support for Docker and other Linux features to Windows. This will be the first time a Linux kernel is shipped with Windows and it is based on the 4.19 version of...
  3. Gilthanis


    Does anyone here have experience with using Docker that might be able to get it working with multiple boinc clients? I currently have a how-to in the guides section for running multiple clients within Windows, but wonder if Docker would be a better option. Thoughts? And this may help for...
  4. 4saken

    Cloud Computing: Let's kick this off

    I figure this forum will probably be a little more business/industry related, rather than hobbyist as the Virtualization forum is(which has and is been a great resource for years here). But, lets face it, the enterprise is going this way whether people want to admit it or not. So let's maybe...