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    Okay what's going on here with Asus X470 Pro + TridentZ at rated speed

    Worked on my brother's 2700X + Asus X470 Pro (latest bios). The memory won't run at the actual rated speed of 3200, but it will run one under or one OVER. G.Skill TridentZ 14-14-14-34 (Samsung B die), in ANY of the following configurations same results as below: 2x8, 4x8, 2x16. 2xxx...
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    Request: Article/Testing on Ryzen Dual-density RAM challenges

    Greetings OCP-crew. I've noticed that most of the Ryzen benchmarking seems to be focused on 16G configurations, which means you get to use the single-density sticks, which run DDR4-3200 (and higher) with some tweaking. However, using 16G sticks, pushes you into dual-density sticks, with even...