WTB E5-2695 V4 or better (or equivalent) for WCG and other DC projects

    Looking for an upgrade from my current V3 procs. Seeking E5-2695 v4 or better or equivalent like ES (Extra Spicy) to double the horsepower. Looking for pairs that ideally have been tested in a 2P system already. My current chips QEYX (8-core 1.8) are in an AsRock EP2C612 WS ( CPU SUPPORT LINK...
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    I wonder how it crunches... 64c/256t booting winderp

    KNL (knights landing) version of the Xeon Phi is now bootable, as opposed to being a coprocessor last gen. 7210 is the "cheap" one at $2438 ... Still a bit rich for my blood but I can drool over it. Thought you fellow DCers would be interested.

    Let's help recruit for The [H]orde!

    Ok, hopefully that's a catchy title. I directed a question to Pocatello last month why we didn't have a nomination for DCOTM for August. He cited lack of interest in DC projects in the Summer months, and the conversation led to the topic of declining interest in DC on the message boards...