1. AlphaAtlas

    Alphabet Launches Chrome Extension That Filters Comments With AI

    Following up on the "Perspective" hate speech filtering experiment from 2017, one Alphabet's subsidiaries, Jigsaw, recently released a machine learning-powered tool designed to filter out "toxic" comments on high traffic sites. Out of curiosity, I downloaded the extension in a fresh Chrome...
  2. R

    Why Information Integrity Attacks Pose New Security Challenges

    DARKReading has posted an interesting article today, focusing on the new and growing threat of attackers using botnets to flood comment sections in a tactic called skewing. The attacks purpose is exactly what it sounds like, to skew public opinion, I am glad someone is touching on this, as with...
  3. Zarathustra[H]

    Norwegian News Site Sifts out Trolls with Quiz for Commenters

    Are you tired of dealing with outraged commenters rage-posting about an article they haven't even read, making incorrect assumptions based only on the title? Norwegian broadcaster NRK is. They are testing a new system in their comments, where anyone who wants to comment on an article has to...