1. Phrozt

    Finalizing a 12900K gaming build. Need memory/possibly mobo help

    ** FIRST AND FOREMOST - Please don't worry about the storage scheme! ** I started a thread similar to this, around this time a year ago, and of course we had the NVIDIA 3K shortage, so that delayed everything. I've been building my own comps for over 20 years, and I was going to build my...
  2. F

    Build Help

    So I'm thinking of building a PC for the first time. I am going to be using it for gaming, streaming to Twitch, maybe some photoshop, listening to and/or making music, and hopefully some online college courses. This is what I have at the moment: (used this...
  3. Bone_Enterprise

    Project Trashcan: An Ikea "Trashcan" Computer

    So this is my first ever "custom" build, I have never really fabricated anything ever so this definitely was a experience, especially as I did this with no actual workshop to speak of, or tools to speak of other than a drill and some other things, although in the end it did work out extremely...
  4. M

    After almost 10 Years, Building a new Rig, Need some advice

    Hi, Finally getting around to building a new PC. My box is used for data crunching more than for gaming which is why I'm not going video card crazy. Nonetheless there are a few areas of concern so it would be good to get some feedback before investing the money. There are a few specific...
  5. NTJedi

    What companies build PCs with dual booting OS

    I'm not having much luck finding companies which will build my system with a dual booting or triple booting of operating systems. Ideally I want Windows7, Windows10 and WindowsXP since some older games don't work on the new operating systems even when using that "Compatiability mode" setting...