1. A

    s9j problem

    Hi..can any one help me to fix this?I don't know what's wrong with my s9j
  2. B

    2 bitcoins a week

    Hi there Can you find people here that has hashpower to mine 2 Bitcoin a week? I have seen people Facebook offer to invest to get Bitcoin and altcoins.Often they are new members in Facebook so it smells like scammers. But I thought I try to ask here.
  3. FrgMstr

    Bitcoin Looking Much Better as it Breaks $11,000

    Bitcoin (BTC) is looking very good in terms of regaining some of its lost value if you take it in the scope of a 1-week view. Even the big picture looks promising as well as BTC is now back over its price from December of 2017. Surely though, BTC is not for those that do not like to gamble.
  4. FrgMstr

    BItcoin Pushing Back Up This Morning

    Coindesk is showing us that Bitcoin is feeling a bit of resurgence this morning at its price is back up to over $9200 this morning. It's resurgence is surely based on the fact GPU companies are taking steps to keep video cards out of miners hands. /s In other news I should have put my money...