1. cageymaru

    Electronic Arts Stock Falls 14% After Missing Q3 2019 Earnings Estimate

    Electronic Arts stock fell 14% in after hours trading as the gaming giant missed its Q3 2019 earnings estimate. EA reported revenue totaling $1.61 billion compared to the Refinitiv estimate of $1.75 billion. Earnings were $1.95 per share compared to the analyst estimate of $1.94 per share. EA...
  2. cageymaru

    The Anti-Cheat System Is Broken in Battlefield V

    Rogue-9 on YouTube has released a video that details the cheating that is going on in Battlefield V. He detected the cheaters in the video by entering matches as a spectator and recording video footage of the aimbots and wall hacks in use. He predicts that Battlefield V will be completely...
  3. cageymaru

    Treyarch Banned Battlefield V Designer from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Treyarch banned and later rescinded the ban on Florian 'DRUNKKZ3' Le Bihan; a DICE employee and Battlefield V Designer for presumably cheating. The former Fnatic team member exonerated himself by putting out a highlights video of him playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Please find attached to...