1. DooKey

    Biggest Battle Ever in Eve Online Claims Multiple Titans

    The biggest battle that's ever been seen in Eve Online began yesterday and resulted in the two sides losing multiple Titan warships. The battle included over 3,500 players defending or attacking a Keepstar citadel owned by the Northern Coalition. The lost capital ships could be worth a million...
  2. R

    Ring of Elysium (Battle Royal Game)

    Starting a new thread for this since it seems like it would be popular enough and to not take over the PUBG thread it started in. Quoting in the first few pertinent posts to get everyone started: Post that started it all and explains how to get into the beta action and get the game setup...
  3. L

    40" 4K curved PC monitor: Philips BDM4037UW vs Samsung UN40KU6500 (UE40KU6100)

    Philips BDM4037UW and Samsung UN40KU6500 (UE40KU6100) seem to be a good choice for a large curved (3000R) 4K PC monitor. Unfortunately KU6500 (KU6300 in non-curved version) uses PWM backlight dimming, though BDM4037UW has some dramatic pixel response time issues. Which do you consider better...