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    Malwarebytes Lifetime Licenses (2-for-1!) $10

    It looks like the original seller of these is no longer around, and the demand for them is still good, so I've started a new thread to sell what I have. Information This is for the older version of Malwarebytes which still recognizes the lifetime licenses. The program cannot be updated due to...
  2. Z

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 3 User- $5.00

    I was going through some stuff and found an old 3 user Kaspersky Anti-Virus (install up to 3 computers, for one year). It's from 2014, but should activate on Kaspersky 2017. You'll still got all updated antivirus definitions even with the 2017 software, so the protections will be up-to-date. $5...
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    AV Recommendations Request

    Hey all - what are you guys using for A/V these days? My Kaspersky license expires in a day and am considering a change. I'm not all that concerned by the reports of ties to Russia (Ok a bit) and haven't had any issues with it, but it's been a few years and might be time for a change. Any...