3d xpoint

  1. AlphaAtlas

    Micron Buys Itself Out of Flash Partnership With Intel

    Micron is officially ending their flash partnership by buying Intel's share of IM Flash for $2.5 billion. Micron is shelling out $1.5 billion in cash for the acquisition, and is taking on another $1 billion in debt. The company says it can start the acquisition process in early 2019, and that it...
  2. J

    Intel’s Plans for 3DXP DIMMs Emerge

  3. DooKey

    Intel Announces New Optane DC Persistent Memory

    Intel is launching a new type of memory based upon 3D Xpoint and it's persistent memory in a DDR4 form factor. This new memory is expected to be used in datacenters and should really help out with database operations, but I'm not sure this will help the mainstream. With that said, I'm sure big...
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    Micron to Ship Intel Optane Competitor Later this Year

    As has been reported a lot, Intel and Micron co-developed the new 3D Xpoint Technology that is behind Intel's Optane drives. With all the buzz about Intel's Optane today, Micron wants you to know that they will be shipping their own version of the 3D Xpoint technology branded QuantX later this...